I love science. I realise I am probably in the minority here but there is just something about it that makes me really excited. It can be fun, beautiful, reassuring and mind blowing.

However science can also appear to be pretty confusing and complicated. Currently all kids in the UK have to take a GCSE in science. And a lot of children sadly don’t enjoy it. Therefore there has been a lot of research about how to engage children with science.

Kids & science

One popular theory is if science is something that the child does at home, that they are familiar with, then learning it at school becomes easier. This can be particularly important for girls, who are thought to learn better through context-based learning. Helping to show that science is relevant to their lives helps them engage with the material, and therefore makes learning easier (in theory!).

Where did this start

I have been working in science communication for a while in one form or another, and more recently completed an MSc in Science and Society with the Open University.

I have also popped out a few kids in the last couple of years and so my thoughts about science learning have naturally drifted towards young children. I decided to do some experiments and the kids loved them. So I thought I’d share the science love. Hence the blog.

Blog aims

I aim to make the posts easy to search for ideas and the experiments easy to follow, highlighting what you need and if there preparation before the kids get involved. I will also show warts and all, if things go wrong I will share my disasters (hopefully so you can avoid them!).

I will highlight the science and how you can explain it to your children. I am a zoologist by training so there is lots of the physics/chemistry stuff that doesn’t come naturally to me so don’t be afraid of ‘the science’ if it isn’t your top subject. I am hoping to make it easy for everyone to understand.

Standing on the shoulders of… grown ups

SOTSO stands for ‘standing on the shoulders of’ and comes from the saying by Sir Isaac Newton (physicist, mathematician, laws of motion, gravity, apple on the head guy): “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”.

And so this is hopefully what may happen. With the kids. On your shoulders.


Who I am

My name is Lucie and I am married to Tom (and not to get all sentimental but this blog is all thanks to him). We have two kids: Matilda (5) and Angus (2) and currently live in Brighton, UK.



I would love to hear from anyone about anything: contactsotso@gmail.com

Feel free to follow me on Instagram (@the_life_scientifique), Facebook (@thelifescientifique) and Twitter (@tl_scientifique).



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