Autumn adventures

We recently had a day with no plans. So we bundled in the car and drove to one of our favourite places; Nymans. It’s a National Trust property about 20 minutes north from Brighton and we have been too many times to count over the past two years. We love it. Plus it is fab in every season, but particularly autumn.

And it didn’t fail to please, we had an amazing day there. It might have been because both my kids slept well the night before for the first time in about a month so I was feeling amazing. Or it could just be one of those lucky days when everyone is happy and it all goes to plan. Kid A slept while me and kid M had a lovely lunch together and did some Halloween themed colouring (colouring sheets and crayons provided in NT cafe). Then kid A had a stumble about (on grass luckily – he has just learnt to walk and has enough bumps and bruises) while kid M looked for leaves, climbed trees and sang made up songs.

Anyway it was one of the good ones, made extra fun by the ‘Shades of autumn trail’. For just £1 you were given a sheet with 12 leaves to find around the site. My children loved it. Even kid A, who is only 14 months, was squealing with excitement when we came across one. The giant leaves, when you find them, have various facts about the lifecycle of a leaf and the colours of them. So great for budding botanists.

Now I must confess we actually got the sheet a while ago on another wonderful day there with some long lost friends. We’d therefore completed about half of it already and just had the rest to find, but that was enough of an adventure for my two (and with the pace of the littlest one we weren’t exactly covering much ground). So for just £1 we managed to squeeze two days of adventuring out of the sheet. Total bargain (although probably only if you are NT members so it’s free to get in).

This trail is only running until 13th November but there are often similar events on around notable dates (Christmas, Easter etc). Also Nymnas, and I am sure plenty of other National Trust properties, just generally offer fab activities/props for the kids to have adventures with. Nymans have a welcome hut with egg boxes for collecting things, big magnifying glasses, bug hunt sheets, treasure hunt sheets, binoculars etc etc. This time around we spent a lot of time just finding colourful autumn leaves (big ones were a particular hit) and fungi. Photos of our autumn adventuring below (check out my daughter’s amazing self styled outfit – we were almost more colourful than the trees!).



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