Guilt free TV

(I know it’s not a TV they are watching but while trying to find photos for this blog – unsurprisingly you don’t often take photos of your kids watching TV – I came across this old photo of Kid M and Red. I have all kinds of love for it.)

So I was in the camp of ‘my children won’t watch much TV’ before I had kids. Then I had children and firstly realised I shouldn’t judge other parents for any decisions they make. It’s definitely each to their own. We all have different parenting styles (and opinions about what works, what is good, bad etc). Sometimes you have to do what you have to do to get through the day and make it all work! Secondly I realised TV can be a real saviour. Plus some of it is really good. And educational. And designed for children. So not much to feel guilty about there really…


(Cousins M&M just chilling to a bit of Sarah & Duck after a busy day at the beach in Sri Lanka)

So anyway this is basically a hit list of amazing CBeebies* programmes that have a science element too. Am sure most have heard of them all, but in case some have slipped through the net here they are:

First on my list is my absolute favourite  Messy Goes to Okido. It covers a whole range of science topics (such as habitats, gravity, bones, electricity) really well and very accessible for kids, has some loveable characters (Zim, Zam & Zoom) and Messy is voiced by the amazing Adam Buxton (am a big fan) who has some brilliant catch phrases (let’s ski-doodle ski-dooble being one of our favourites when we leave the house!).What’s not to love? If you haven’t seen it definitely check it out. Okido is also a science magazine for children that I have just subscribed to and have been dying to try out. Will report back when I have received our first copy.

Octonauts is another amazing programme, especially for all those budding marine biologists out there. I’ve heard it described as a modern day underwater Thunderbirds, which is probably about right. It has some amazing animals facts in it and I regularly hear of parents that are impressed with their children’s knowledge of marine life thanks to the programme. Kid M assigned us all characters from the programme the other day and I was quite pleased to get Kwazii. Not sure Kid A would be that impressed being Tunip if he understood the game.

Third is Andy and basically all of his adventures; Wild, Prehistoric, Dinosaur and the new Baby Animals one. These are like child versions of BBC wildlife programmes (which are definitely guilt free TV viewing for grown ups – the new series of Planet Earth is amazing). Andy’s adventures are all full of animal facts and are fun viewing too. There are also some great Andy games on the CBeebies website, that are educational too (so much guilt free digital nanny time!).

There are several other CBeebies programmes that are also fantastic, plus have female presenters. They are Nina and the Neurons, Minibeast Adventure with Jess and Do You Know? M will watch all of these if they are on, and enjoys them, but they aren’t ones she will select if given free rein on iPlayer. Not sure if that is because she is a bit young for them still or if she is just more drawn to cartoon style programmes. Again there are some good games linked to these programmes on the website and app.


(Oh CBeebies App how you have saved us on many a long car journey!)

*This is a CBeebies hit list because they do make great kids programmes but also because we only have Freeview so if the kids watch TV this is basically what they watch. There may be other great science programmes on other channels too…

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